Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reflection of My Lesson

Overall, I feel that our lesson plan went well. This was my first lesson plan presentation and I will admit I was very nervous. I have never taught a class before even though I spear-headed many meetings at my previous job I felt totally intimated by presenting in front of my peers. These women have much more experience in this than me. The behavior cards didn't help. The other students took them very seriously and really caused a chaotic atmosphere sometimes. I guess that is what the classroom will be like. In order to prepare for the lesson, Katie and I met several times to create our lesson plan and to bring together all of our ideas and materials. The centers had alot of materials and we did not want to forget anything. We also created a behavior chart which was well received by the students on professional level. I loved it and thought that the day of the lesson it worked great. Another thing I liked about our lesson plan was our "surprise" guest--turtle. The students looked so excited about it I can imagine what a real 2nd grade would have been like. The first objective of the lesson was for the students to be able to write a prediction about the story after listening to a portion of it. We used a summative assessment of a rubric to assess it. The other objective was for the students to work well in groups during center time. We assessed this formatively by walking around and observing the students at the centers. Unfortunately, our lesson plan did not go exactly the way we had planned it. Which was very disapointing to me since Katie and I put alot of effort into the centers and the students did not have any time to enjoy them, especially the board game which I made myself. I really wanted to see how the students would react to it. The other thing that went wrong was the podcast. It was too low for us to play it to the class. But that didn't really hold us up because I read the book instead. It was not a big deal. Besides that I thught our lesson plan was a success. The most important thing I tried to teach the students was about the swamp animals. What I learned from the students is that I have to remain calm and cool. Like the saying says "Never let them see you sweat". I think that if you project control and calm even when they are at the peak of their misbehavior they will compose them once they get it out of their system. Especially with those students whose mouths were more of a problem then their physical behavior.
I think we could have definitely improved our podcast. I think our mistake was to record during class. Because I was trying not to interrupt the people next to me so I didn't really speak into the mike loudly. I don't think we could made this lesson more effective because we reached our goals which was to teach the students about the swamp. I think I would improve the quality of the podcast next time.

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