Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reflection of Podcast

Kathie and I planned to use the podcast for the first part of our book. But unfortunately, it was too low and no one could hear it. So, instead I read the book to the class. We did not use the podcast at all which was a bit of a dsappointment since I had fun recording it. Our students did not have a reaction to the podcast because they never got to hear it. The podcast portion of our presentation did not go well but I felt that we bounced back right away and just continued with the lesson. I think we should have made our podcast louder and we could have used it again at the end to highlight a favorite part of the book. I know that I would definintely be using podcasting in the future. I like the idea of podcasting the classroom library for those students who finish their seat work before everyong else can go enjoy a book while we move on to the subject. I think it will give my students an incentive to finish their work in a timely fashion so they could get this extra treat of a book on podcast.

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