Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reflection of other classmates' essons

I thought that all the presentations went well. Everyone seemed very prepared and knowledable. I think most of the students were great sports when it came to some of the crazy behavior. I really liked the lesson plan with the cookie. The book was truely enjoyable and the lesson plan had some fun activities for everyone. If you recall that is the presentation when some us stayed on the floor in the fron of the class workking on something and the rest went to their seats and did other activities. I thought it was a great way of controlling the ba behavior and keeping everyone doinf something they enjoyed. We even talked about it in class. They really did a good job of having enough activites for all of us to keep busy and not misbehave. This really showed prepararation on their part. It also showed that not one activity will keep everyone's attention. All students learn differently and as educators we have to be prepared to approach one subject in several different angles.
There were many different teaching styles which made each presentation unique. The only critique I have of the lesson plans is that sometimes I thought some of the students didn't look excited or enthusaitic about what they were teaching. I know we discussed it in class but it all I can think of.

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